One from every Brand at Sephora – The A’s Part 4

Brokedown Vanity - One from every Brand at Sephora - A's Part 1

Here is the fourth installment of my new Feature on the blog. You can catch this every Thursday and Saturday Morning.

The general premise is I go through the list of brands on Sephora and pick one item I would willingly purchase with my usual funds and buying habits, then one item that I would get if I had unlimited funds.

All photos used in these posts are screenshots from Sephora taken the day the post was created. All aesthetic credits go to Sephora and the Brands they represent.

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Artist Couture

Embrace your Glow.

This Brand only offers through Sephora a range of highlighters.

I love highlighters in my eye looks, but I hadn’t gotten into the whole blinding face thing, before I fell out of the beauty world. I could probably do with a few more, but I doubt I’d ever get too crazy with it.

Artist Couture - Diamond Glow Powder

Artist Couture – Diamond Glow Powder – $35CAD – 4.5g/0.16oz

I like this Supernova shade, I also really enjoy duo chrome highlights. I have a hella old one that  still use, so maybe this would be a good one to update it with. I don’t think the price point it too horrible. Honestly, highlighters are the one thing that are so hard to hit pan on, it seems, so I am okay with this size.


Atelier Cologne

Perfume of Character born of Nature.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora perfume, with a few other item mixed in, as well as a range of male cologne.

I have had a few things from this line favourited for a while now. I love the giftpacks, to me that is a great way to showcase a line of scents, and give the consumer such an easy way to figure out what they like before they buy a larger quantity.

Atelier Cologne - Perfume Travel Kit

Atelier Cologne – Perfume Travel Kit – $25CAD – Eight 2ml/0.07oz Bottles

While I am sensitive, or right out allergic to most perfumes, both on the skin, and for my poor nose, I still really like them, and am always on the search for things I can actually stand. For many years Calvin Klein, for designer brands, was the only brand I could wear and not react in some way to. While I do like the brand, it is nice to have a change. I am lucky enough to be able to wear the Scents from The Body Shop as well(for the most part). I think this would be a good kit to test, because if it doesn’t work, theses are super easy to gift. Who doesn’t like little perfumes in their purse?

Atelier Cologne - Perfume Wardrobe - 8 Perfume Kit

Atelier Cologne – Perfume Wardrobe – $52CAD – Eight 4ml/0.14oz Bottles

While this isn’t a huge splurge, at least not in the perfume world, I have to admit I put this on just to show you all. Another great little kit. I would get the other one no problem, this one I’d have to think a bit more on, as it is a wee bit more pricey. I’d probably only buy it for myself if I was a really good girl, hit some sort of milestone, or managed to con someone into getting it. There are so many other things I’d rather spend that $52 on, on this site.



All Natural. All Vegan. Sustainably Sexy.

This Brand only offers through Sephora makeup products for the lips. This Brand is part of the Clean at Sephora Program.

One of the things I am learning I like, as I explore more on Sephora’s site, is that they do give you a good amount of information on the products. I rarely have to go elsewhere, to find some other tidbit of information. The best part, for me, with the Clean program, is that I know all the products have less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. That has to be the biggest bonus for me, as that is one of the largest components that causes bad reactions with beauty products.

Axiology - Natural Lipstick in Intrinsic

Axiology – Natural Lipstick in Intrinsic – $39CAD – 4g/0.14oz

This is something I’d be willing to purchase, for experimenting. What I mean by that is I wouldn’t be too pissed with the product, if it wasn’t totally awesome, as this shade isn’t something I currently own. I believe I could continue to make this work with my collection. I could see this being a great lip topper, in the centre of your lips, over a liquid lipstick. I love gold things too, so can’t fathom not owning something like this already.

Axiology - Natural Lip Crayon in Enchant

Axiology – Natural Lip Crayon in Enchant – $34CAD – 3.4g/0.12oz

Love the colour of this one, but seriously, I can’t see myself spending that sort of money on a lip crayon. I have about 12 I currently wear right now, and while none of the colours are anything like this, I still have a lot of product to go through. I’d only get it if I had all the money to waste on something I don’t really have a need for.



A Tribute to a new Free and Flamboyant kind of Masculinity.

This Brand only offers through Sephora a small range male cologne.

Best Brand Motto Ever! If I was a dude, I’d get it just for that motto, I could see myself telling my buddies all about it. I think I’d make a really great Bisexual dude . . . maybe in another life.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t pick any of these products.


The A’s are down, and only 25 more letters(as well as some numbers) to go!

The Winner this round for me was Atelier Cologne. I am planning on grabbing that $25 perfume kit. It has been on my loves for a while, and my sister says she will take anything that doesn’t work for me.

‘Til Later


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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