What’s in my Everyday Beauty Drawer?

Brokedown Vanity - WIM - Everyday Makeup Drawer - 1

It has been a while since I have done a “What is in my . . . ” post. I decided to show you what I have in my everyday makeup drawer. It isn’t all makeup, obviously, but most of it has been covered up on the site already.

The two little square containers contain my lip stuff, and some eyelid primer. These are the types of lip things I put on no matter what, makeup day or not. I have different things for different reasons. I also have my elf lip scrub in there, which I really enjoy one or two times a week.

The long front tray has all my mascara, eyeliner, brow products, and then all the random one off items.

In the rest of the drawer is all my daytime and night-time routine stuff. I also have a backup Rock Spa soap, for when my current one is done, I guess I just threw that in there, haha.

Brokedown Vanity - WIM - Everyday Makeup Drawer - 2

There are a few things in this draw that I haven’t featured on the blog yet. This is due to either not having a strong opinion on the items yet, or I am not sure what sort of post I am going to do with them.

I love the idea of these magnetic lashes, but I haven’t gotten the courage up to cut them yet. As is they are very difficult to apply evenly on both sides.

I purchased a little travel sized version of this Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser to try out. I didn’t want a big one because I suspect there might be a chance I will react to it, but I wanted to try it for my chin and nose, where I have some pore issues.

Brokedown Vanity - WIM - Everyday Makeup Drawer - 3

A few more things I haven’t had on the blog yet. I don’t do full faces often, so this foundation was purchased with the intent to do more outrageous makeups with, when I want my freckles gone.

I got this cute little brow kit because I wanted to try some more products from Annabelle.

This mist of the first face mist I have ever tried, I know there are a billion out there. I just wanted to see if I could even handle spraying myself right in the face with something first.

So that is it! I’m having a really good day today, hope you all are all enjoying yours.

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


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