Beauty Product Favorites – May 2018

Brokedown Vanity - May 2018 Favorites - 1

Since May was a No buy, I was testing a lot of products that I had purchased around my birthday. I always want to make sure the items I put on this list are things that I continually used, and have great opinions already formed in my mind on them. I didn’t put any of the palettes on this list, as I really don’t think I used each enough to form a solid opinion yet.

Brokedown Vanity - May 2018 Favorites - 2

Kiss my Face – Light Moisturizing Lotion in Lavender Shea

This has been great! I tested it for about a week on myself, then once I knew it was safe, I started using this on the kids too. We use this after we go swimming. The chlorine just sucks our skins dry, even while swimming in the water. I had originally picked these up because I thought it might help, as it would be a quick after pool solution. It was meant as something to sort of hold us off until we get back home, but this stuff works so good, I often don’t feel the need to put anything on us again, until later on in the night, before bed. These are easy to use, I can just spray each leg and arm, they can rub it in, then I just spray some in my hand, rub together with my other hand, and then apply to their face. They do their belly, I do their backs. Takes maybe 6 minutes to do all 3 kids. The Scent is very light, not outrageous, so the boys don’t mind it. They aren’t smelling like a flower bush.

Banana Boat – Sport Performance Sunscreen Stick in SPF 50

This was a great find, if you want to try it yourself, I have still seen them at 3 separate Dollarama stores. So save your money, and see if they are at your local Dollarama. I really like this, it doesn’t stink, like barely smells, it is so weird, first sunscreen item to ever do that for me. I use this mainly for when I know I will be driving for a bit. My new vehicle is not as tinted in the front section as my previous vehicle, so I have been more aware of the sun. I really don’t want to do any damage to my face, so I have this in my purse, so in case I forget to put it on, it is just there. I’ve used it on my eldest sun, for a few school sports competitions he has been in, as he is almost as sensitive to sunscreen as I am. Neither of us has broken out to it, and we haven’t had any issues getting burnt or anything, even with sweat and water on our faces.

Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Original

I have a more solid review of this on an upcoming post, so I wont get into too crazy detail with this blurb here. I do know I have been grabbing this lately. I had a good number of weekend trips, to places where I wasn’t totally sure if I was going to have a chance to do a full on shower routine. I also have used this a few times during my swim days, when I don’t get my head submerged. It really does help liven up your hair, I have never been one to be a greaseball, but my scalp does produce some, so this basically just freshens the area, and tucks my flyaways. It also helps if you hair goes a bit limp. I just massage it in with my head upside down.

Softsoap – Pure Zen Shower Gel in Jasmine & Watermint

It is part of a series of items I got for a review site, which I have been re-reimbursed for. I like Softsoap products, so when the opportunity popped up to try this one out, I jumped on it. The main purpose of this product, other than clean you, is to great a little unique scent experience for you while you are having your shower. I do find I really am enjoying my showers, the scent is very calming. The product itself is great for the primary purpose of getting you clean, it glides on smoothly and lathers nicely. My only gripe is that it comes out of the bottle hella fast, so just watch out for that if you decide to try it. It is priced well, and comes in a bunch of scents.

Brokedown Vanity - May 2018 Favorites - 3

Hard Candy – Glitter Stay

I have had many cosmetic grade loose glitter over the years, as well as some pressed glitter. I use to just use spirit glue, as I had it on hand for costumes and stuff, but as I have been watching more beauty videos online, I have noticed that most makeup artists use some sort of glitter glue. I hadn’t really seen any around, until I stumbled across this Hard Candy one. Since it is the first one I have tried, I can’t really compare it quality wise. It works for it’s intended purpose well, it keeps my glitter where I want it, and when I get home after a night out, I don’t have flakes all over the place.

Covergirl – Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Gelly

This was a really weird product I purchase in the beginning of having the blog. I wore it like twice after getting it, and thought it a bit weird, and then proceeded to forget about it. When I reorganized how I wanted my everyday makeup setup, I put it on the one stand with all my liquid items, to give it another go. I still think this is sort of weird, but only in so far as it being very different from other products I own. This is the first gel lip product I have tried, although when I bought this one, I also got an elf gel tint(it is weird too). While I was giving it a second go, I did enjoy how fun it was to use with other products, and like how easy it is to put on. It has a weird fluffy tip that the product squeezes from, and I like how it really gets into your corners to coat along your lip. It also doesn’t smell like anything. It performs like a traditional tube lipstick, so it isn’t budgeproof, you will need to reapply after eating. The colour is great though, and it fades nicely. It also isn’t Matte, it give a very wet look to your lips. I feel like it is a cross of a satin tube lipstick and a very thick gloss.

Sephora Favorites – Give Me Some Lip

I did a whole sorta review on this already, so I will just link you to that.

Lips of the Week # 3 – Sephora Special

If you don’t feel like going to another post, I will say this; this was a great purchase, I really enjoyed all but one product in here, and that product was just okay, so I didn’t hate it. I was more or less just disappointed in it since it was hyped to be good. I will definitely purchase more of these little trial packs from Sephora in the future.

Brokedown Vanity - May 2018 Favorites - 4

Real Techniques – Lip Brush

I did a lot of lip art this month, and I have been enjoying my new lip brush. My other one I use is more like a paint brush, where as this one is more stiff, so I can get better lines with it. I am really glad I purchased it, and it is getting lots of use already. Would totally recommend this.

Gosh -Long Lasting Brown Pen in 002 Venetian Brown

I got this when I knew I was going to have to fade my hair back to a lighter tone, but was going to be stuck in that transition phase. So this is sort of reddish-brown, which worked well for my dark red dyejob. It made my eyebrows not so light, but not as dark as the other brow pencil I was using. This is also a felt tip, so it is a bit like drawing with a marker over your eyebrows. I like how it fills in areas that I normally have issues with. It is really hard to find reds for the brows, and I am super happy how this worked out for me.

elf – Black Pen Eyeliner

I got this so that when I doodle on my face, it would be a more defined line. I didn’t actually get it for using as eyeliner, so I am not sure how well it does for that. I do know that once dry, you have to put some actual effort into trying to smudge it. It draws really well, I can get super thin lines and dots as well as thick, if I want. It is a thin formula, so it will travel in fine lines, if put on too thickly.

TiVOLi – Nail Polish in 61303

This was a Dollar Tree find. I have picked up several polishs from TiVOLi now, one solid, one glitter, and one metallic. I kept reaching for this one, even though I had other things I could have done, as I have just enjoyed this. It’s a glitter polish, but the polish inside is tinted blue, so it isn’t totally clear, like typical glitters. It also has super fine glitter in it, 3 colours that I can tell, that are so packed. It only takes one coat to have a nice uniform application of glitter, without and bare spots. This colour combo specifically is really nice, as it makes me thing of the nights sky, with all the stars out. I’ve been wearing it just as is, but I can’t wait to actually do some art or sponging with it.




That is it for this month. I might not have bought anything in may, but I did have lots of things from april to play with, so I am glad this post wasn’t some dinky little thing, haha.

I hope you found this useful, in some sort of fashion.

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort. There was an item that was fully rebated by the Brand, through a Review program. In this cases the were product was something I already wanted, and my opinions are my own.***


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