One from every Brand at Sephora – The A’s Part 1

Brokedown Vanity - One from every Brand at Sephora - A's Part 1

Here is the first installment of my new Feature on the blog. You can catch this every Thursday and Saturday Morning.

The general premise is I go through the list of brands on Sephora and pick one item I would willingly purchase with my usual funds and buying habits, then one item that I would get if I had unlimited funds.

All photos used in these posts are screenshots from Sephora taken the day the post was created. All aesthetic credits go to Sephora and the Brands they represent.


Acqua Di Parma

Luxury Brand from Parma Italy

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora fragrances, with a little bit of skin care, and a good selection of items for the male population.

The most affordable item is their deodorant, and to be honest, I would never pay nearly $50CAD for deodorant, unless it has special technology to magically remove my underarm hair at the same time, when applied.

ACQUA DI PARMA Magnolia Nobile

Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile – $140CAD – 50ml/1.7oz

For an extra 64 bucks you can get nearly double the amount of product, 101ml/3.4oz. It is probably the better way to go.

If I had unlimited funds, then I’d probably pick the Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile perfume. I am not one to pick floral perfumes often, but I do like the more unusual ones. This does have citrus mixed in with its makeup, which makes me believe I’d actually enjoy it. I would be very scared to buy this even with unlimited funds, as there is no way to test it, it is an online only item.



Modern fragrances that allow you to experience something different.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora fragrances, with a little bit of skin&body care.

Aerin is a bit more friendly on my wallet, haha. I do think they offer a lot of interesting items, and I found I was looking at much more in this lineup, than the last brand. There are a lot of products that are online only, so no testing at a local Sephora.

Aerin - Lilac Path Rollerball

Aerin Lilac Path Rollerball Eau de Parfum – $35CAD – 8ml/0.27oz

It was a tossup between this one and Amber Musk. I ultimately decided if I was going to try something from this brand for the first time, I’d want the unique scent of lilacs. I love the smell of them, and I feel like this would be a great scent to have going from spring to summer. I feel like the price is worth the type of product, and if I wanted to upgrade to a large bottle, they have options for that. I don’t own many rollerballs, so I think this would be a great addition to my collection. Definitely friendly for your purse or traveling.

Aerin - Rose Lip Conditioner

Aerin Bamboo Rose Lip Conditioner – $34CAD – 10ml/0.34oz

If I had unlimited funds, then I would probably get this. I like the idea of it, and the bamboo intrigues me. I however would never spend that much money on something I will just use as a lip base/balm/hydrant. I might purchase this as a gift to myself, for xmas or my brithday, but I could see myself choosing something else over this. It’s the price that gets me more than anything, it seems a bit too high for what the item is.

It has really good reviews, and it seems like a lot of people use it with their night-time routine. If I have super problems with my lips this upcoming winter, I might try to con someone into getting it for me as a gift, otherwise, I have lots of other options at home to use up.



Dead Sea Minerals Beauty Expert.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora skin&body care, with a little bit of male products.

Love, LOVE that they have sample sizes for purchase, so you can test them. Affordable sample sizes too. The one thing that really calls to me with this line is their unique parings of natural scents. You can go anywhere to get vanilla, strawberry, citrus, but I barely ever see things like Prickly Pear scented items. The pricing seems fair for what the items are, as well as the size of product you get. I found many products I am interested in with this line.

Ahava - Caressing Body Sorbet

Ahava Caressing Body Sorbet – $35CAD – 364ml/12.3oz

I have been looking for a product to put on while my skin is still damp, something for after my swimming. The chlorine really does just suck all the moisture out of my skin, even while submerged in the pool. I was actually looking for a in-shower moisturizer, but this could work too, I think. The size is generous, and the price isn’t horrible.

Ahava - Dry Oil Body Mist


Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist – $52CAD – 101ml/3.4oz

This is a dangerous product, I like all the scents listed, I just want the whole series. I know I wouldn’t go through the oil that fast, and the shelf life for this item is longer than most beauty products. I’ve always loved bath oils for my skin, so I think this would be an easier route, as I shower more often than bath. If I had the $200, all these would totally be mine. At $52 per bottle, I can’t see myself getting these for myself. Unless I felt like I really deserved a treat. This is more something I really want, rather than I really need.



Experts in Skin Biotechnology.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora skin care, with a little bit of makeup items.

First impression is that I really like the packaging. It is no-nonsense and very sleek. A lot of the products seem to target aging issues for the face.

Algenist - Pure Genius Collection Kit

Algenist Pure GENIUS Kit – $92CAD – 4 products of various sizes

I LOVE kits. They are the best thing ever, really. I am always so afraid to try stuff, as I react to so many things, due to so many things. Something like this is right up my ally. I am really interested in the collagen, I am curious if it would actually do anything. I have a $12 cream at home that got rid of some of my wrinkles super fast, so I am curious if it could hold up to that. I would get it just for the experiment alone.

Algenist - Advanced Anti-Aging Repair Oil

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil – $100CAD – 30ml/1oz

I am just starting to experiment with facial oils, so I don’t know that much about them, nor have I seen any crazy results yet. I am willing to try some other brands, so if I had all the money in the world, I would probably get this. I go though about 6ml of oil a month, so it would last me a good bit. I just know there are others on the market that are more affordable, from brands I don’t have skin reactions with, so I would choose them over this.


First 4 down, and only 300+ more to go! I did end up finding a few things that I will probably get myself, as well as some products I might try to find cheaper alternatives for.

The Winner this round for me was Ahava, there are more than a few products I am interested in getting. When I am on the Sephora site, I tend to only look at the makeup, and bypass everything else, so I probably would have never known about Ahava otherwise.

I also learned that these posts aren’t really that quick to type up, haha.

‘Til Later


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


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