#springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge – Scarves

I’ve been participating in a photo challenge this month, which you can read about on my initial blog post; #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge.

I didn’t want my feed to all look the same during this challenge, so I dug into my scarves and started using them as props. I really like how the shots turned out.

To me the scarves work perfectly for this little end of my very narrow bathroom vanity which is located upstairs. I try to keep nothing on this surface as the kids and cats roam free up here. So it does get rather boring looking.

I’m glad I kept all these scarves around. Some are actually my grandmother’s which I restored and have had stashed in a hatbox for years.

I think this one was even my sister’s, from the 80’s. She use to crimp her hair, then put these in as a headband.

I like how this one turned out too, works for flatlays as well.

I haven’t been that great at posting everyday to instagram, but I have kept up with the challenges, and have been enjoying it so far. I will probably do a post on the whole experience sometime soon, as it is almost done.

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

One thought on “#springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge – Scarves

  1. […] I did end up doing several post over the course of the challenge, Favourite Things – Lipart in which I got to share my love of lipart, Just Nail It – Spring Manicure in which I did a mani I really liked, so much I ended up doing my toes, and my daughters nails the same way. I also showed a few shots of the scarves I started to use in shots #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge – Scarves. […]


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