Just Nail It – First Professional Pedicure Experience

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - 1st Pedicure

I probably should have taken this shot on my Ipod.

In the beginning of the month I went on a little trip, sans kids, to visit My Eva and her mom. It happened to be her mom’s bday weekend, and I didn’t get to see Eva over the course of my bday weekend, so it was a two-for-one.

Eva had booked us pedicures at ChiChi Nail & Spa. I was surprised that they were only $25. I always thought it was something similarly priced as a manicure, since you get a massage and a footbath on top of the actual pedicure.

The whole process ended up an hour for me. It was only about 20 minutes for Eva, haha. She had one girl, and I ended up having 3 different ladies do different parts of my pedicure process. It was sort of busy when we were in there, so I didn’t get a dedicated lady. I personally didn’t mind, and we had the time.

If gave me more time to try to figure out the massage chair thingy. There was all sorts of buttons, and it initially wasn’t even plugged in, so I felt sort of stupid trying to turn it on, and it wouldn’t go on. At least it wasn’t any fault of mine, haha.

The Footbath part of the chair had mood lighting, which made me laugh. You could have it cycle different “Mood” arrangements.

I had stopped taking care of my feet as much as I use to, when I started having the kids. I found it really hard to reach my feet, while pregnant. After 3 kids, and just not caring anymore, as I felt my feet were already ruined, they have some issues. I also had a telephone pole dropped on my foot when I was doing disaster relief in the military, so my one big toe has a super funky nail. It is actually the foot pictured above. That big toe, the nail basically got crunched under my steel toe of my combat boots, so I sort of lost most of it. It has since grown back(that incident happened many years ago), but it is all weird.

The ladies really didn’t know what to make of it, but they did manage to get it looking almost like a normal nail. It naturally grows more like a seashell now, with ripples and layers. Only way to fix that would be to retake it off, and I don’t really want to go through that process again. Once was enough!

They took what I thought was a legit cheese grater, to the bottoms of my feet, and it was sort of like looking at some sort of Macabre scene, the layers that sloughed off. I sort of want to find me one of those things. It looks like the one I shred my carrots with, like HUGE holes. I do own a small holed version, but it has never gotten my feet as smooth and less calloused as what they had at the shop.


When it was time to pick a nail colour, I went with the OPI Do you see what I Sea.


Eva got the OPI Green come True.

I really enjoyed my hot foot towel and leg rub. I am not sure what they used, but I suspect it was like an aloe vera type gel. It was very cooling on my legs, and was green. I ended up having no reaction to it, but was not in the sort of place/position to give it a smell test to verify anything.

I wore sneakers, so Eva gave me her sandals, and ended up walking to the van in bare feet, since her feet would not fit in my shoes, like ever. She is a size 9 1/2 and I am a 7 1/2, haha.

I had 3 of the ladies compliment me on my hair that day, which made me feel great. I was looking fairly well, so it just gave me an added boost.


The Spa Chairs are located on the opposite wall than this shot. Normally these stations are rotated out, as customers come in to get their manicures.

I enjoyed the shop, the ladies were all great working there.  I got like a wee cut, when they were cuticle trimming, and they all freaked out(I am a natural bleeder). They seemed worried I was going to be mean to them or something. Makes me wonder what kind of customers they normally have walk in there.

We tipped them well, and they seemed surprised. Poor things, maybe it was just a bad day for them. They were all of asian decent, so I gave a wee bow, which sent them into ecstatic giggles. Hopefully I made their day as much as they made mine.

The shop was really sleek and they were constantly cleaning things during my stay. I’d say there were about 8 ladies in there working during our visit. They were very efficient in what they did. I watched a lady get some acrylics, and they turned out really cool. The technician did some wicked air brushing as french tips.

If you are ever traveling in southern ontario, and need your nails did, have a stop in Woodstock, at ChiChi. It is super simple to get to off the highway. Only 2 streets, one turn, to get there. Takes like 5 minutes, lots of parking in behind. Food, coffeeshops, banks all around.

ChiChi Nail & Spa
561 Dundas st (60.56 mi)
Woodstock, Ontario N4S 1c6

I did this post of my own volition, the salon does not know I did this post, at this time. I just wanted to talk about the good experience, at no gain.

I definitely recommend this place, and plan on going again in june.

‘Til Tomorrow

***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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