Another Community Thank-you!

Brokedown Vanity -Thankyou - Most Likes

I just wanted to extend a Thank-you to the community again. Yesterday was a crazy day on the blog, not only did I get an extreme amount of likes, but I also had a lot of views. I guess those things do sort of go and in hand, haha.

Seeing these achievements pop up in the sidebar on WordPress is sort of like that feeling you get when you get a test back from a teacher in grade school, and it has a big A+ and a shiny/cool sticker on it.

I’m old enough, that sort of thing shouldn’t wow me, but I think it is more the fact that you all are the ones that make these things happen. Which means ultimately you are the ones enjoying the content, and continually come back to read more.

For that you all deserve the thanks I can give you, without you, I’d just be rambling on here to myself.

Brokedown Vanity - Thankyou - Blog Views

Almost hit 80 Views! haha It is typical to get around 20ish visitors and views a day for me, so this was a pleasant surprise at 11pm last night.

Tuesdays are always my best days, seems like people love the reviews, which is what I feature on Tuesdays.



A Special Thanks goes out to Jessica from the Personal Growth Success Blog, she went ham yesterday, looking at content.

She writes about all sorts of uplifting things, but she does give blogger tips too, which are handy no matter what genre you are in. One of my recent favorites is her post on “7 Major Blogging Mistakes to Avoid”, with the No Pictures/Images being the one most relatable for me recently. There is one blog I follow, has great content, does great pictures on her instagram, but doesn’t add them to be her blog at all, which often makes me sad. I think she would get more hits if she even just embedded her instagram posts.

A Secondary Special Thanks goes to Priyanka over on the Sassy Chic Beauty Blog, who also went a bit crazy on the blog yesterday, reading content.

She writes about various beauty things. The items I enjoyed learning about the most are the ones with natural ingredients and the essential oils. There is a lot of great information in her latest post “Rey Natural rosemary essential oil Review”, which talks about all the wonderful things Rosemary Oil can do for you.



I learned about both of these ladies through participating on Blog Comment Threads on Twitter. I try to get into the blogger community events each week, I am sort of bad at remembering, but I have been trying.

The latest one I participated in was hosted by the Blogger Love Share group. It is a great way to gain extra traffic, and maybe a few new followers too. I also enjoy reading the different content, because I sometimes find blogs I wouldn’t actively search for, but are interesting to me.

I enjoy having each of you in my community, and I enjoy reading your content too. I am a little behind on reading posts, got about 600 in my inbox, you guys all write so much, haha. I try to read about 25 a few times a day, to not let it get too backed up.

My apologies if I am slow at that. I do go through them all though, and have been slowly sharing content though my twitter tag #BloggersPromotingBloggers.

Maybe I have you up there already . . .



So many thanks again for being here as part of my journey, lets see where we can all take this blog next, eh?

‘Til Later



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