Favorite Things – Lipart

One of my favorite makeup things is Lipart. I have always enjoyed looking at lipart, and one of the places I do it most often is Pinterest.

Now with me participating in the #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge for May, I have been somewhat inspired to try my hand at it again.

Took this on my phone, I soon learned that my Ipod Touch is so much better for lip pics. Sort of rusty at drawing on my face, so it isn’t as nice as I’d like, but I still like it in general.

This one turned out fabulous, I love it, and might try it in different colours.

I shaped this one a bit weirdly, and forgot to use my lip brush to clean lines. Hopefully this shot will make me remember.

Went onto my property and found some flowers to play with. I should have dusted the edges of the petals.

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#springintosummer2018 . Instagram Photo Challenge – Day 12 . Sea Salt/Beach Waves . Well, since I am sort of lacking on the hair department, I decided not to try to get my hair in beach form, and got with a Lipart instead! . First time using the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. It wasn't matte, not sure if the metallic formula is different than the normal line, so I will have to get a few of the normal colours and test them out. I like this, it is almost more like a really heavy gloss. It did end up a little patchy in the photo, but it looked fine when I had it applied under normal lighting conditions. I think next time I would use a black base and apply this on top. . I decided to try to make my lip sort of like a wave, with surf and beach. I didn't have a brighter blue lipstick, something I will have to look into for sure, haha. I like how this turned out. . The Rocks are Himalayan ink Sea Salt, which was actually what inspired the whole Lipart! . Products Used: . @revloncanada – Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor/Metallic in 685 Glitz Brilliant @nyxcosmetics_canada – Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk Mariposa – Liquid Lipstick in 01 @joefresh – Lip Gloss in Nude Glaze . #beautycommunity #beautyblog #blog #bblogger #bbloggersca #canadianblogger #instabeauty #instablogger #beautygram #blogger #canadianbeauty #photochallenge #beautychallenge #beautychallengemay #mayphotochallenge #instamakeup #makeupchallenge #lipart #lips #lipstick . . @supernovarrh @alwayscleia

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This is the latest one. I liked how it turned out, even though the Revlon blue lipstick was sort of weird. I know how to use it better in the future.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I will be doing more of these in the near future.

‘Til Tomorrow


7 thoughts on “Favorite Things – Lipart

    1. It really all depends, the ones I do aren’t as in depth as some of the Lipartists I follow over the internet.

      Concept is always what takes the longest, and since I am doing these as part of a Photo Challenge, there is a list of daily themes, so I really don’t have to think too much on the concept aspect.

      I probably think about it for 20 minutes. I start by going to my collection, seeing what base lipsticks I have, and then I think on what added elements I might want to bring in.

      5 minutes of gathering supplies, then about another 10 to apply. By the time I am ready to apply, I normally know what I want to do, so that part goes quickly. It is just is cleaning the lip lines that takes the longest, since I don’t wear foundation. It is much easier if you wear foundation, because you can just go along your edges with a fine brush, and then blend it out.

      Taking Photos, if you want to include that, takes about 5-10 minutes. I am not that great at that part yet. I got to learn how far I need to be holding the camera out, for the right crop, which I still don’t have down. Also angle is important, depending on your lip shape and what lighting you got going on.

      So under an hour it seems. Longest time being dedicated to actually thinking on what to do.

      If I was recreating a Lipart, it would be way less, but since I was trying to make my own way of doing the themes, that is what takes a bit to hash out.

      Out of all these, the flower one took the longest, just because I had to cut the petals and make them overlap to my liking. I’d say the petals took like 15 minutes on there own, haha.


    1. Thankyou for your kind words. The flower one was really fun to do. I had all sorts of flowers, but those ones worked the best, petal wise. Not even sure what they are, they come from a vine in my back yard, have had them there for years.

      I really enjoyed the shade of the Revlon Ultra HD I had, I just don’t think it represented the normal colours well, because it wasn’t matte at all, and felt like a gloss to be honest, haha.

      I will be picking up some to test in the normal colour line as soon as my No Buy is done.

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