Free Mail Sample – Review – John Frieda – Frizz Ease Shampoo & Conditioner

*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by mail, by TopBox. I have no affiliation with this company, nor am I getting paid to do this post, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***

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When I first started this blog, and was doing all sorts of research on what I might want to start purchasing, subscription boxes were one of the things I was interested in. I still haven’t decided on one, but TopBox was on my list of possible ones to get. I signed up for their newsletter with my email. Along with news about upcoming boxes, and special offers, like a special box for you mom for mother’s day, they also sometimes offer samples. If you are interested, you just fill out a form, and the sample gets sent out.

That is how I ended up with this John Frieda sample. John Frieda us a company I have bought from in the past. I do have random flashes of hair destruction, where I just hack a bunch of my hair off. I use to donate the hacked off hair(I did it neatly enough with it all in a pony holder) to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. I have done this since I was 9 years old, because my hair grows 2 inches a month. No joke, still at age 35, my hairs grows that long each month. I have made over 23 wigs over the years with all my donations(the company send you letters, and if you correspond with them and actually create a relationship, and they go a bit more in-depth that just a regular thankyou letter).

I got a bit off track, but my basic point was I do have shorter hair from time to time, like every 5 years or so I really cut it. And when it gets cut, man the curls, ringlets and just general frizz. My hair is normally so long, it is only wavy, due to the epic weight of it all.

Recent years, it has just got stupid in the back, and it is intensified when cut, as I soon learned when I lopped it all. I don’t mind now that is all sort of matches in the front and the back, but I do still like to manage it. I use to use the John Frieda Frizz Ease No Frizz Spray to keep it controlled at work. I never knew there was a matching shampoo and conditioner in the line. Maybe there wasn’t at the time, who knows, it was like a long time ago when I bought that original spray.

Brokedown Vanity - Free Mail Sample - John Frieda - 2

The samples came in a little envelope booklet, one sample each of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. Each sample is 8.3ml. There was a $3CAD coupon included as well, which is valid for the whole line of Frizz Ease Dream Curls products(Dry Shampoo, Styling Foam, Hair Spary, so on).

This offer was valid in Canada only.

If you want a chance at the next TopBox sample offer, feel free to check out the Official TopBox Website HERE, go to the bottom of the page, and sign up to the digital newsletter. They will send info on their monthly subscription boxes, limited edition boxes, as well as available sample opportunities.

Product Claims:

-defined curls
-soft hair
-moisturized curls
-defies hair frizz
-immediate curl enhancing results

Other Info:

-infused with abyssinian oil

I am still swimming, so I thought I’d use this one as an after swim test as well. The chlorine makes my hair super frizzy, on top of all the other bad stuff it does, so I feel this will really put it to its test.

Let’s see how it goes!


Swam for 55 minutes today, with the kids. Didn’t go underwater too much, my hair wasn’t a total disaster. Had to hurry home to make dinner, as we went right after school, so I didn’t wash my hair until later. It was in horrible shape. Used my samples on it, let the conditioner really set. The smell of both products is slightly too strong to suit my personal tastes. It didn’t make me sneeze, but it is almost there.


Swam for 30 minutes today. Used this after getting out of the pool. I find I have to use more of this to get my hair feeling decent, and I don’t have all that much hair, compared to when it was 2 feet longer. I am still not a fan of the smell, it is really strong.


Swam for 40 minutes today. There wasn’t much left to use up in my travel jars, which sort of made the process a bit quicker, since I had the kids with me today. I was already fairly convinced that I didn’t like this, and today just confirmed it for me.

Final Thoughts

Scent – It is strong, smells nice, but strong. Didn’t trigger my allergies though, but I think it was just shy of that.

Reactions – My scalp was fine, no flair ups.

Defined Curls – I didn’t notice any change to the shape my ringlets.

Softens Hair – If you use a lot, it does make your hair soft, but if you think to use just a normal manageable amount, it doesn’t do much of anything. I am not sure if it is the water(soft vs. hard) or because I am using it right after swimming.

Moisturized Hair – Hmmm, can’t say I saw much of a difference. My hair was rather dry still, after my swim and after using this.

Defies Hair Frizz – I did notice slightly less frizz. My ringlets wouldn’t try to part after using this, so that is something.

Immediate Curl Enhancing Results – Didn’t notice this at all, unless you bundle it up with the above statement. My frizz is normally what makes me ringlets part from the bottom. My ringlets were staying more tight and together, so maybe???

Would I purchase this Product?

No, this doesn’t impress me at all. I have used John Frieda in the past, and have enjoyed their previous renditions of the Frizz Ease line. This time around it just didn’t work out for me. Maybe it was the size of the sample, maybe it was a combo of hard/soft water, and the swimming.

After having a good round of testing with the previous shampoo/conditioner sample, this left me rather unsatisfied. I am not so curious to see if it was user error(water error), to go out and buy full samples.

This product sells at many different places in Canada, I’ve seen it in Shoppers Drug Mart, the Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart, just to name a few.

‘Til Tomorrow


*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by mail, by TopBox. I have no affiliation with this company, nor am I getting paid to do this post, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***

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