An Introduction to #BloggersPromotingBloggers

I wanted to start sharing the love! I am by no means the right person to do so on social media, with me being a smaller account, but I didn’t want that to stop or limit me.

I decided to start a hashtag of my own on Twitter, called #BloggersPromotingBloggers., which you can view HERE. I wanted to share the content I read from those who I follow, where ever they may be(Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, My Email Box, sonsoforth). I find twitter and the blog to be the easiest way to do this for me.

When I find something of interest that one of you do, I will be sharing. I am currently doing it once a day. If I feel like it needs more attention, I might just make it its own twitter account. For right now though, I feel like that would be a bit too much for me to take on.

If you would like to join me in sharing content, just use the tag on your own twitter account, and I will retweet it.

Lets grow a community together =) Maybe we can find some new to us account to follow along the way.

‘Til Tomorrow


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