Mail Samples and Review Items

Brokedown Vanity - Sample Source - Spring 2018 - Opened

My box from Sample Source had all this in it. Lots of free coupons for full sized products.

I had someone ask me about some of the packages I had been receiving lately, on my instagram. They wanted to know where I find out about the free offers and how to sign up.

It sort of all started with a suggestion from a friend and my sister, and then catapulted into something else. There are a lot of places on the net to find this sort of thing.

I thought I’d at least make a list of all the places I check myself. I also included all the Review Sites and Panels I am currently participating in. I will review my experiences with each separately, when the time comes, but for now, you can at least check out the sites and see if you are interested in anything.

I am not really gunhoe on any of it. I really only check a few sites every week. I do end up missing a lot, but I do what time permits.

If you are interested, check out my new page at the top of the blog, or click the direct link HERE.


‘Til Tomorrow


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