Contest Prize – $100 of Nutribars for Nutrition Month

Brokedown Vanity - Contest Prize - Nutribar - Email

During my time with looking for samples of products(and thus the links to said samples), I had stumbled on a contest held by Nutriar. 400 lucky Canadians would receive $100CAD worth of Nutribar products in celebration of Nutrition Month.

I signed up, then promptly forgot about it.

Then I got this email, and was like what  . . . Oh Yeah!

Brokedown Vanity - Contest Prize - Nutribar - Package

I got the email yesterday, and my package came today! I have been having a good mail week, things have been rather prompt.

Brokedown Vanity - Contest Prize - Nutribar - Types

The kids were excited, so we opened up the package, and found a variety of items inside the box.

Here are some of the varieties we received, with multiple boxes of some.

I didn’t have time to fully read all about the products, so I didn’t want the kids trying anything that was considered a meal replacement. The eldest and I tried the Walnut and Dates bars. They were rather good. They looked a little weird, really dark if you are used to seeing standard granola bars. I really liked the sunflower seeds that were in the bars as filler.

Brokedown Vanity - Contest Prize - Nutribar - Info Packs

They gave me a whole info package, it almost felt like I was opening a PR box. I had to go take the kids grocery shopping, so I didn’t dive into it too much.

I will probably do an actual review at some point, it is a lot of product to go through, and try out. I am not used to using these sorts of items(energy bars and meal replacement items), so I will have to look more into it and figure out exact where these fit into my lifestyle.

Totally random thing that happened to me this week, but it made my day. Kids told me I should try more contests, that I seem to have random luck with things. Maybe I will.

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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