Lip of the Day – Cosmasplosion

Brokedown Vanity - LOTD - Cosmasplosion

I need better lighting!

Cosmasplosion is basically a space themed lip, with a dark base and different glitter/metallic elements. I am not the best with photos on a good day, and have a long way to go to learn for this blog, but I tried to get 2 shots that represented the cosmetics used. I want you to see how everything shifted colour as well as all the refractive properties.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTD - Products

These are the items I used. As I said in my blog intro, I had a lot of hella old product in that vanity. I haven’t updated everything yet obviously, it is an as budget permits sort of thing. Due to this, I have used product you might not be able to get anymore, but the look can be achieved with any base items really, and comparable current items.

Items used(this will be hella funny):

Burt’s Bees – Lip Balm in Mango
Covergirl Palette ???
Multi Palette from a 98 pot set ???
Dark Blue Lipstick from L’oreal I think
Lip gloss from Lipsmackers maybe ???
An old ass eyeshadow brush
A Dollar Store Paint Brush
Evol Cosmetics – Ice Flakes in Metallic Silver

That was so funny. So basically a lot of this is so old, that labels are gone. I found it interesting that items from back when I was in highschool seem to be the rage right now. Guess things really do come back, and I am getting old enough to live through those trends twice.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTD - Swatches

Left to Right: White Eyshadow, Navy Lipstick, Blue Eyeshadow, Iridescent Blue to Green Eyeshadow, Pearly Glitter Lip Gloss

The first thing I did was put on my Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. It makes my cleanup super easy. I used the white eyeshadow of the big palette to act as a base, for the lipstick to adhere to. I do this because the lipstick is very creamy almost, and likes to move a bit too easily. Then I put the lipstick on. This looks sort of murky and green in that swatch, but I swear it is a nice navy colour. I am fairly confident it was from a Janet Jackson makeup colab with L’oreal. I had 2 other colours, which were gold & pink(in one tube) and black & silver. Now that I am thinking of it, it could have been Missy Elliot . . .

A bit off track there, but after the lipstick is on, I use the light blue eyeshadow, and put it on my top lip only. I put on enough so that there is a very clear difference between the top and the bottom, I lightly dab a circle of it on the centre of my bottom lip. I use a fluffy, small blending eyeshadow brush for this. I then take my legit actual paint brush(bought at the dollar store) and grab some of the iridescent eyeshadow, and put it over my cupids bow and drag it down half the tip of the upper lip. I pat it in with the brush, to load up on the shimmery properties of the product.

Next step is lip gloss. You will want something that shifts and matches your iridescent eyeshadow you use. Fine glitter is best, as we are putting those big flakes on, so you don’t need a chunky glitter on top of that. Coat the upper lip generously. I did not use the built-in wand, I put the product on the back of my hand and painted it on with the paintbrush(you can use a lip brush, mine had just gotten eaten). I put a very thin coat on the bottom lip. You will be using that to stick on your flake glitter.

Rinse out your paintbrush in some warm water, then press out the excess. Keep some dampness on the brush though, as it helps pick up the flakes. Tap out a bit of your flake glitter. I normally just have a paper towel I use for my brushes, so I tapped it out onto that. Using your still damp paintbrush, pick up the flakes and start setting them onto the bottom lip. I go from lip corner to lip corner. I stick the smaller flakes in the corners, and the bigger ones in the centre. Try to fill, but not get too close to where your upper and lower lips meet, as you are just using gloss for a glue,  and will get transfer of the flakes to your upper lip. If you use a glitter gel glue, it shouldn’t transfer but mine are all dead and crusty, so I am using the gloss.

To finish it up, I just added more gloss to the bottom lip corners, and a very light layer over the edges of the bigger mid lip flakes.

The flakes are a still current product. Evol is based out of the UK, and has many cosmetic grade glitter on their site. The products are super affordable. I actually purchased 2 of each of the flake colours available, and just popped them both into larger pop tubes, which I bough from the dollar store. I find the packaging they come in rather pretty, but super easy to tip over. The reason for getting cosmetic grade glitter is that while a dollar store glitter can give you the same look, they are made with dyes that are harmful if ingested. We are putting this stuff on out mouths and eyes, so you really don’t want something poisonous there.

I wore this for about 5 hours, with only one flake falling off and only one transferring to the top lip. I talked minimally, and didn’t eat. With actual glitter gel glue(the makeup kind, not craft kind) you could make it last longer with more rigorous use.

Now I am going to list the products that are comparable to what I use today. But really, you can use any colour you want, I did this same lip for my daughter in pinks, pearls and golds.

Comparable products:

Lip Balm – Any will do, but if you must have the Burt’s Bees, there are tones of flavors, just pick the one you like.
White Eyeshadow – any matte white would do, really, mine was a medium pigment. If you must order one, Revlon has these 16 hour eyeshdaow palettes.
Navy Lipstick – I tried to find you something actually from L’oreal, as the quality might be similar to what I have. They have a new collection, and the blue in that matches up fairly well.
Blue Eyeshadow – Wet n Wild has a blue that is shimmery and just the right colour for the top lip.
Iridescent Eyeshadow from Blue to Green – This series is from an Etsy shop, and I know someone who has it, so I know the colour is spot on. You can buy the colours as singles, or get the set. For the price, seriously, just get the set.
Glitter Lip Gloss – This is a bit harder to find a dupe for. Wet n Wild has one that is more just silvery. Anastasia Lip Gloss in Moon Jelly is sort of like it too.
Chunky Glitter Flakes – Evol Cosmetics – Ice Flakes in Metallic Silver
Medium Sized Eyeshadow Brush – This one from e.l.f. is just the right size.
Lip Brush – The ones from e.l.f. aren’t bad.
Paint Brush – If you don’t want to buy a lip brush, seriously, go to the dollar store, and get a fine brush. A hair one, not a plastic fiber one, ’cause ewww.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTD - Bonus Cat1

Bonus Kitty – She was laying on my lap, under my blanket, as I typed this on my phone.

So that seemed long and drawn out, but hopefully some day I can just film these things. I have a lot to learn on that front, so for now, I will just do it this way. As I get more current product for my collection, it will be easier for me to link up items for these sorts of posts. I think I still will do some stuff with my older products that are still old. Not sure what yet. Just so they get some love, and make room for some new things, as I use them up.

Hope you enjoyed!

“Til Tomorrow,


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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