The Little Lost Vanity


Clean Me!!!

It all stated about 2 weeks ago. Well, no the idea was there for a while, but I finally just up and started to do it.

I decided to move 4 major rooms in my house. The Master Bedroom, The Office, then the 2 kids rooms. The Man and I are moving our stuff into the office downstairs, The office is going to take over the girl child’s current bedroom, her room is going to the boys, and the boys are going into the master.

Now, The Master has this weird feature, as the house was built in 1852. It use to have this very small door, about waist height, that went into another decently sized room. We suspect it was a baby room. We closed the door up ages ago when we redid the house, and created an entry to the side, near the main area entrance.

I had always planned on turning this weird extra room into a grande walk-in. It is 10×11, so the size of the closet would have been lovely. Sadly, we always had other parts of the house to redo, and I was very particular on how the closet was going to be(it was my dream closet after all). Due to this, it sort of just ended up part makeshift closet, part sewing room and part storage.

This is where the little lost vanity comes into play.

The poor thing was an antique gift, given to me by The Man. I had the plan to showcase the little gem in the middle of my fancy walk-in closet. It was going to have its own custom lighting and be boxed in by custom jewelry racks, belt hoops and shoe drawers.

While it awaited the eventual building of the custom home it was to be placed in, it got shoved in the back corner of the room. It’s drawers had been filled up with all my expensive makeup goodies, the collection of eyelashes, nail art, body paints, sparkles, wigs and any other thing I would need to look into a mirror to set on my person. My everyday makeup had a home in the bathroom downstairs.

Years went by, and our family went from 2 humans to 5 humans, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 turtle, 4 goldfish and 8 minnows. With the influx of inhabitants, brought on a gradual gaining of more items collected. The runoff seemed to all get stored in my “Closet”.

The Little Lost Vanity got more boxed in and buried under toes of legos, the oldest boy’s clothing being kept for the youngest, art supplies, fabric, yarn(like 5 totes worth???), and just a bunch of other random things.

Needless to say, I stopped using all my nifty fun stuff hidden in the vanity, long, long ago. Unearthing it again, brought me to realize, I use to love doing my makeup, playing with it, even if I wasn’t going anywhere.

I stopped doing makeup. I know it wasn’t just the typical being a mom thing. Part of it was moving from a very big city, to out in the middle of nowhere. Another big part was no longer working at a location where I had to leave the house.

I don’t go anywhere, so why bother.

Don’t get me wrong, I do wear makeup still. I just don’t play with it every day like I use to. I probably put makeup on about 30 times a year now, where as 13 years ago, I would have at least had it on every other day, if not more.

Another huge part of why I stopped wearing makeup was also the evolution of makeup itself. I have dry skin, have eczema and also happen to be allergic to many things in beauty products, as well as most chemicals.

Wasn’t so bad to try stuff out when I lived in the city, and could go to a makeup counter somewhere, get samples, get swatched. I also made a heck lot more money then, and only had to feed and cloth myself.

So as I started to clean my vanity, which I decided to bequeath to my daughter, and delved into all the goodies I use to have and enjoy, I realized how much of it was going to go to the garbage.

I wouldn’t even know where to start, to replace some of that stuff. Formulas change, companies get rid of lines and they invent new things all the time. That is the name of the game, to keep customers buying.

Makeup nowadays is more like an art. I use to do art on my face for fun, but now, it is like people’s every day makeup is a process. You have to prep the canvas for what medium you will eventually slather on there, and not all things work for this or that product. We didn’t use primers, setting powders and mists back in the day.

***Side note, that seems to make me sound really old, when I am in my 30’s. I guess it was inevitable, to have the “Back in my day” stories eventually.***

I knew what a highlighter was, but you only ever read about it in fashion mags. You never saw people at work with it on their cheekbones. Now you can go to a highschool, and there are girls that look like they should be on a runway, while in reality they are just walking with purpose to their science class.

I realized, if I wanted to dive back into the world of makeup(and other random beauty type things), I was going to have to relearn, retry, and rebuy. I am also older, so things that worked when my skin was at its prime, are obviously not going to work now, with my aged skin. It seems a bit daunting.

I called up my love, a longstanding makeup lover(who I have known for 20 years), to start my journey in the right direction. She is going to help me get to know some products, as well as donate me some new makeup brushes, for the mice seem to have gotten every one in the vanity. Luckily I had all my MAC brushes downstairs.

So, while the Little Lost Vanity is no longer mine, it did inspire me to get back into something I use to love ever so much. I also decided to share my journey with you all, as a sort of experiment. I think it will be fun, even if only a handful of my friends end up being the ones to actually read this thing, haha.

‘Til tomorrow,


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